“We provide a full service with a small burden.”

The official name is Shibuya Ward Workers Welfare Corporation. The popular name is “Kinpuku”.
We provide welfare services for workers who work for small and medium-sized enterprises in Shibuya Ward, business owners and workers who work in small and medium-sized enterprises in other wards.

“Kinpuku” is operated with the cooperation of Shibuya Ward, small and medium-sized business owners and workers in the city.
We aim to realize a welfare and benefit system that are comparable to large companies.

“Kinpuku” offers various benefits to members.
Proprietors can expect the following merit.

  1. The taxation business effect
  2. Health promotion of a physical check-up and the flu vaccination help
  3. Welfare facilities of the benefit of employee’s marriage, birth and hospitalization
  4. Employee settlement

Employees can use Tokyo Disney Resort subsidy tickets, professional baseball and sumo wrestling tickets, assistance for lodging facilities throughout Japan, sports club assistance, and gourmet tickets for famous restaurants and hotels at a much better price than a corporate contract.